There are times when, as a manager or organization, you are looking for temporary support on topics such as team development, (lack of) cooperation and mutual trust, conflict management and task maturity. Especially in cases where teams have shrunk, integrated and changed tasks due to reorganizations, you see that teams struggle with uncertainty, fear and emotions.

The goal of team coaching is to increase the team’s self-reliance and to teach the manager to fulfill the role of team coach. Connecting Energy works based on the philosophy that all ingredients are already present in a team, but that beliefs, history or other patterns mean that the optimal result is not being achieved. Connecting Energy provides space, through team interventions, to reflect on what is blocking the team from rediscovering their core and resilience. The team gains insight into its own behaviour and learns to bear joint responsibility for results. From there we work towards mutual connection.

Team coaching with Connecting Energy means the following:

  • Change is only possible if the team can say ‘Yes’ to its own learning curve. Taking results responsibility for one’s own behaviour, daring to be vulnerable, having the courage to speak out and awareness of behaviour are topics that are central to team coaching.
  • Heart and mind come together in the Lefmechanisme©. Being who you already are is the starting point. We touch the core of the team’s identity without losing sight of the result.
  • Whatever it takes! Connecting Energy is committed to facilitating the team’s learning process.
  • There is not just one methodology that is used as standard during coaching. Every team and organization learns differently. The interventions used are always tailor-made and adapted to requirements.
  • This is a connection for a defined period of time. A coaching process has a clear beginning and end and does not take longer than necessary.

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