Business transformation

A time has come when we can no longer rely on ‘old’ patterns. The world is in flux. We are in the middle of a transformation. From a world based on certainty and stability – we lived according to the idea that success could be made possible by steering, controlling, doing, and working hard from an individualist perspective, always focusing on better and more. To a world where certainty does not exist – where we need each other to survive, and where we have to learn to deal with fear and a sense of insecurity. All the while, not losing sight of the results. Heart and mind meet and connection is key to building bridges!

Vulnerability and courage

Employees will be confronted with the prospect of losing their jobs several times in their career and will have to learn to deal with uncertainty as well as learning to take charge and maintain control. A different focus is required of the manager: uncertainty, fear and departures are becoming standard elements that a manager has to deal with as well. Personal stability regarding these topics and their integration into one’s own behaviour is a necessity. This will require, among others, transparency in expectations, self-awareness, and honest, mature communication within a business context. And above all, a willingness to be aware of who you (already) are!

New Management

From authentic leadership to a manager who has the courage to be vulnerable and is able to connect from the heart without losing sight of the results. Wholeness and consciousness within a business context.
Scientific research by Brené Brown (The Power of Vulnerability, 2013) shows that you can only connect as a human being if you experience wholeness within yourself. Connecting Energy hopes to break the taboo, becoming a driving force within the business community, allowing managers to leverage the connection between heart and mind to its full potential. Consciousness and wholeness are no longer private matters, but business necessities to ensure continuity. As a manager, you set an example for your employees.
As a Young Professional and Young Manager, are you willing to be who you truly are?
As an employer, are you willing to allow space for vulnerability and courage?

The Lefmechanisme© [Courage mechanism] as specialism

Connecting Energy uses the Lefmechanisme© [Courage mechanism] as a framework to work on the integration of heart and mind throughout its services.

  • If you have guts, you have the courage to be vulnerable
  • When you are vulnerable, you know your own survival mechanisms, fears and blockages
  • When you know this, you are aware of who you are and your behaviour
  • When you are aware, you accept yourself completely out of love
  • When you accept yourself, you give others respect and the best of yourself
  • A connection is created, and from there you can define common goals

The research findings of Brené Brown (2013) have been implemented into different products.  Within this framework, theories are discussed around themes such as: projection mechanisms, group dynamics, blockages, light and shadow work.

Invest right from the start

The first few year of your career are decisive! The sooner you are aware of your own abilities, desires and behaviour, the better you will be able to manage your own career. At some point during my career, I have become particularly dedicated to (Young) Professionals and (Young) Managers. Not only have I been there myself, but I have also seen from a coaching perspective that these groups are vulnerable and ambitious.
Strong self-awareness helps you to achieve your goals. As an employer, I have experienced how significant potential losses can be, if you do not invest enough in these target groups. They are the pillars of the future. The Whole Leadership Cycle© has been developed especially for these target groups.