I decide for myself where I work! Right?

I decide for myself where I work! Right?

Internationally certified team coach Angela van Dorssen talks about her daily practice.

Since last September, an entirely new conversation has emerged in teams: “How and where will we (soon) work?”. In some cases, this led to heated arguments within teams. Or precisely the opposite: teams that reached clear agreements with each other, and took responsibility for the team themselves. It remains a matter of trial and error. It is interesting to see what impact the employer’s policy has on this.

It would appear that when an employer leaves things completely free and provides no framework, AND there is limited trust in a team, individual interests take precedence over team interests. In the long run, this leads to friction, irritation, and conflict in teams. It is time for an honest conversation!

Connection vs. freedom

The number one reason for wanting to return to the office would appear to be that of missing social interaction with colleagues. Informal moments, meeting one another face to face and sharing things other than work content. Employees are fed up with back-to-back online meetings. Interconnection is sorely missed in teams. Managers have already used up all their creativity, and online coffee mornings are no longer attended. So, exactly how do you establish a connection in your team when COVID-19 is holding us in its grip ever longer?

Interestingly, there is another side to it as well. Employees report feeling over-stimulated at work, and being less productive, precisely because they are ‘constantly disturbed’, and they want to use their time efficiently. Furthermore, they are not always willing to invest time in commuting and social connection if it means giving up their personal freedom.

Teams that succeed find the right balance between connection and the freedom to decide for themselves where to work.

What appears to be working?

· Employers must provide space within clear frameworks

· Give teams responsibility and task them with reaching mutual consensus.

· Make individual differences negotiable and build bridges based on the manner in which we deal with different needs as a team.

· Work on building trust in the team by getting to know one another personally

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