It is quite an art to keep pulling together in the rollercoaster of life. It may just be that you have lost each other along the way, you keep dredging up past issues, you are so different that you are not yet able to build bridges or that you are ready for a new step. Very normal but what now? Relationship coaching is intended for partners who want to invest in their relationship and are looking for tools to continue working on their own relationship. And even if you decide not to continue, relationship coaching can contribute to parting in the most respectful way.

How does it work?

We start with a 30-minute intake meeting to explore together what coaching question you have and what you want to achieve with coaching. The intake meeting is without obligation. At the end of the intake meeting you can choose if you wish to continue. Before the first coaching conversation starts, you both separately fill in a questionnaire about your relationship. You will see the results in the first coaching meeting. A coaching trajectory consists on average of 6 conversations of 1.5 hours spread over a number of months. We make clear agreements in advance about costs, the number of meetings and mutual expectations.

Relationship coaching with Connecting Energy means the following:

  • Change is only possible if both of you can say ‘Yes’ to your own coaching question. Taking responsibility for one’s own behaviour and daring to be vulnerable are basic ingredients.
  • We make clear agreements in advance about costs, the number of meetings and mutual expectations.
  • You will be coached on your relationship and you will be given tools to get started yourself.
  • Whatever it takes! Connecting Energy is committed to facilitating the greatest possible change for the person being coached.
  • There is not one methodology that is used as standard during coaching. Every relationship is different The interventions that are used are always tailor-made.
  • This is a connection for a defined period of time. A coaching process has a clear beginning and end and does not take longer than necessary.

Do you have any questions or are you interested? Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

Connecting Energy is internationally certified as an individual coach and team coach, works according to the competencies of the International Coaching Federation and adheres to their Code of Ethics.