The question of what the next steps in your career should be has been in the back of your mind for some time, or your employer has raised the issue. But what do you actually want and where do you start? This is completely to be expected. You only take action when you know where you want to go. Career coaching helps you gain a clear picture of your future role, your values and your talents. You set your own course and you learn how to present yourself as an ideal candidate. Afterwards, you have tools to manage your own career AND you have taken your first steps towards your future.

Career coaching is often requested by the manager. For example, if you as a manager are unsure whether your employee is in the right place or if you see more potential. Career coaching answers the question: ‘Where is the best place for the employee?’ The employee takes control of his or her own career and will come up with proposals for the next steps.

How does it work?

If the coaching is partly at the initiative of the employer, the coaching question is determined in a three-way meeting at the start of the coaching. This is a meeting between the employer, the person being coached and the coach. At the end of the coaching process we also meet again to see whether the goal has been achieved. Important lessons learned are discussed and how these are now seen in practice.

If career coaching is initiated by the employee, we start with a 30 minute intake meeting to investigate which questions you have regarding your career. The intake meeting is without obligation. At the end of the intake meeting you decide whether you want to continue. A coaching trajectory consists on average of 6 conversations of 1.5 hours spread over a number of months. We make clear agreements in advance about costs, the number of meetings and mutual expectations.

Career coaching with Connecting Energy means the following:

  • Change is only possible if the coached person can say ‘yes’ to his or her own learning question. Taking responsibility for one’s own behaviour and daring to be vulnerable are essential ingredients of the process.
  • We make clear agreements in advance about costs, the number of meetings and mutual expectations.
  • Whatever it takes! Connecting Energy is committed to facilitating the greatest possible change for the person being coached.
  • There is not one single methodology that is used as standard during the coaching journey. Everyone learns differently. The interventions that are used are always tailor-made.
  • Connecting Energy has developed its own specific career tools that can be used in the coaching process. Varying from practical tools to purpose clarification.
  • This is a connection for a defined period of time. A coaching process has a clear beginning and end and does not take longer than necessary.

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Connecting Energy is internationally certified as an individual coach and team coach, works according to the competences of the International Coaching Federation and adheres to their Code of Ethics.