“Angela is direct and honest in her observations to others and will not avoid difficult situations. This makes her highly skilled at getting individuals and teams into action. Her dedication is contagious!” Jeanette Harmsen

“Angela is a natural coach. Knowledgeable, honest, dedicated and very perceptive. In addition to her theoretical knowledge, she has a superior “gut feeling”. An intuition that rarely fails her. “ Gerda Warmerdam

“Angela is 100% committed to the end result – both in terms of content and on a personal level. She knows how to move people and dares to be moved herself. This makes working with her open, honest and motivating.” Karolien Hulst-Sips

“Angela is an asset to any organisation. She is not only critical, result-oriented, realistic and knowledgeable, she also has an eye for the human factor. She gets people on board, not only based on hierarchy, but also because she knows how to connect people. In addition, she has a fundamentally positive attitude. Angela is good at leading and directing change and transitions.” Patrick Tabak

“I have known Angela for quite some time as a passionate, skilled professional and entrepreneur. For over a year, she has been facilitating the Inner Circles for our regional MeerBusiness network in the Dune and Flowerbulb Region. Groups of a maximum of 15 entrepreneurs who want to invest in their business friendships, share knowledge and continue to develop themselves as entrepreneurs. Our entrepreneurs appreciate this platform where they can work on developing more business based on openness and trust. It is great to see how Angela can bring together business and personal connections. Her characteristic style is open, result-oriented and straight from the heart. She stands for quality and 100% commitment. We look forward to seeing our cooperation continue to grow.” Frans van der Riet

“Angela is the sweetest and wisest person who is the incarnate representation of Energy. With her, you can organize your thoughts so well as she listens to you thoroughly. She always provides different perspectives that you would never come up by yourself. I would recommend Angela for her unique abilities to recognize, to understand and to guide.” Data scientist in retail industry

“Angela is very strong in training people in groups, where participants from entirely different disciplines, including commercial, back office and technical are able to collaborate effectively. This creates an atmosphere of trust and openness towards each other, which greatly enhances the results of the training”. Marcel Figee

“Through her professionalism, openness and calmness, she builds wonderful,  honest connections between groups, which creates a sense of trust that makes it possible to go into  great depth and actually tackle things and make a difference.” Jarieke Heemskerk

“Angela is a very good coach who helped me a lot in my professional development. Her approach increases self awareness, which helped me to make important career choices, discover my strengths and weaknesses, and develop my leadership skills.” Roy Chin