With Connecting Energy I bring heart and mind together in a business context. When it comes to change, I still too often see a one-sided view that causes people and the organization itself to become stuck.

With analysis, sharp observation, directness, humor, vulnerability and guts I look inside and outside the box for an opportunity for change. With my working method I combine my management, change management and coaching experience in one. Together with the client, I look at the core of the problem and together we look for the right place to start tackling it.

I meet people with an open heart and work based on mutual trust. That means transparency, honest communication and clear agreements about results and working methods. Taking personal responsibility, being able to reflect on one’s own behaviour and a clear framework for our work together will form the basis of this. I will spend time with you, a team or an organization until it is time to part ways. Although business is concluded, the relationship remains. Timely disconnection is the greatest compliment to me.

Practice what you preach

My core value is ‘practice what I preach’. Connecting Energy can only add value if I am also willing to be who I am. When we work together, you can ‘see’ me with all my talents, but also with all my own vulnerabilities and insecurities.

I am touched when people learn how to move forward themselves. Being (more) aware of who they are and taking control of their own life and career.

That’s me! What about you? Let’s connect!